Hawksmill Denim Co jeans size offering / how to find your perfect fit / how much will my raw selvedge denim shrink?

What sizes does Hawksmill Denim Co offer?

How to chose your perfect fit and size in raw selvedge denim

How much will my raw denim jeans shrink?


What sizes does Hawksmill Denim Co offer?

This is a quick post to shout about how proud we are of the vaiety of sizes we offer as a small independent British denim brand. We are going to start shouting about what makes us one of the best denim brands out there more often from now on.

We’re proud that the choice of sizes we offer is much better than most other brands including most high street, designer and global brands.

A few years ago we added ‘in-between’ sizes e.g. ‘odd number’ sizes so if you usually find yourself choosing between slightly too big or small, we’ve got you.

In most of our styles we offer 10 waist sizes and 3 leg lengths where possible –  that’s 30 different sizes per style. 

We offer 28”, 29”, 30”, 31”, 32”, 33”, 34”, 35”, 36”, 38” in waist size.

We offer 30”, 32” and 34” leg length options. 

Take a look at the size guide for each style on our website to see the actual measurements for each size to help you pick the right size for you. We've worked really hard (some may say obsessively) to perfect the fits and cuts over the last decade - a bit more below on chosing your perfect size and fit.

We check and measure each new batch as they arrive to make sure they are spot on and we can give you super accurate information to buy. We also offer a free consultation service, so feel free to get in touch for help and advice.

We are genuinely sorry if we do not stock your size - we are a very small independent, self-funded business and we can only produce within our financial, storage and production capabilities.

Occassionally, due to limited quantities, we cannot offer the full range of sizes in a certain product. Especially when we produce in small batches using rare or old fabric. 

We listen to our customers - if you have thoughts, requests or feedback re size and style do let us know. Following customer demand, we’ve recently added a wider fitting style as well as a 30” leg option to our range.

We also recommend some selvedge denim repair and alteration specialists in our FAQ, who can shorten and hem your jeans using the same vintage Union Special machines that we use, for an authentic chain stitch finish on the hem.



When you are choosing what size to buy, generally from hawksmill you can select the true size you require. 

Because most of our customers like to have a turn-up to show off their selvedge detail, we do sell the length with a little extra added – you can read the actual raw measurements in the size guide. We offer three leg lengths 30”, 32” and 34”.

Our jeans do not have added stretch – they are 100% cotton. 

We produce three different fits:

Slim Taper - contemporary fit with low rise and narrow leg opening.

Loose Taper - a classic 5 pocket relaxed fit jean with tapered leg and mid length rise

Wide Taper - our newest fit is a classic 5 pocket loose cut jean with tapered leg and high rise, perfect for those with bigger thighs but still wanting a narrower hem.

Each style has a size guide on the website with detailed measurements for waist, thigh, length, rise, leg opening etc.  Take a look and if needed measure up your favourite pair of jeans to compare.

If you would like some help choosing the size or fit from our range, we offer a free phone or email consultation. no pressure to buy of course, and free returns if they aren’t right. We are always up for a chat about our jeans and denim in general. please drop us an email at enquiries [at] hawksmill.com to arrange one. 

You can also find detailed advice from heddels on selecting your size of raw jeans at https://www.heddels.com/buying-first-pair-raw-denim-beginners-guide/


How much will my jeans shrink?

This depends if they are made with denim that has been sanforized or not.

Hawksmill Denim Co mainly sell sanforized denim, which means the denim has been treated to so that it is ‘pre-shruk’ to minimise shrinkage when washed. They will shrink less than unsanforized, but will still shrink a bit, say up to 4%. Through wear, the waist will pretty much stretch back to its original size, but any length lost, won’t as it doesn’t get stretched back out.

If your jeans are made with unsanforized denim you could expect them to shrink around 5-10% all over after the first wash.

if you want your jeans shortened to a particular length, it’s risky to make the chop before their first wash as they may shrink shorter than you want. We really really recommend you wait until after they have been washed. 

It’s also worth adding that most jeans can be expected to stretch or give a bit through wear. This totally varies depending on the amount of wear, the fit, the denim, the activity of the wearer and many other factors. A gentle cool wash can help to restore the shape a bit. 

All of our denims come from world renowned mills who rigorously test their denims so unless they come with special instructions you can follow our guide to caring for and washing your raw selvedge Hawksmill Denim Co jeans - read it here. 

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